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The mechanisms for unravelling ourselves are all the same, though our knots be tied differently.








The disciples and followers of the great Spiritual Teachers didnt want to LIVE the teachings, so they created religions based on worshipping the Persona of the Teacher.

Life is not a free lunch.

We must learn to navigate ourselves through the tumultuous waters, and not just get tossed and thrown around like victims by the whim of the ever-changing seas or so- called random events that will slam us sideways.



It's through the focus of correct navigation that we are then actually GIVEN our FREE packed lunch.

But again, it's NOT really "free" is it, because we have actually put the effort in and worked hard to EARN it.

At a tender young age, I "knew" that there was something about me that just wasn't right.  I was wounded on the inside.

Life was scary.  It seemed like there was this secret book on 'How to Live Life', and that everyone else had a copy of it but me.  So I had to 'wing' it, and pretend that I knew.

Of course there was no secret book of life, and I realized that everyone else was just a 'Walking Wounded' winging it too!

But oh, if there WAS such a book, THIS book would be the one that would come closest to it.

I've lived and I've learned and I've discovered many things both inside and out.

Yet it's the discoveries we have on the 'inside' that unfold into our 'outside'.

The discovery of the 'feel good' place.  The discovery that only things born of pure creativity will ever resonate with that 'feel good' part in us.  It's in our middle.

It's when one of our senses makes us go 'Aah!'  This makes us feel good. Our psyche goes through incredible change when we hit that 'feel good' space.

WE begin to feel good.  When WE begin to feel good, we make better choices for ourselves and then our whole world begins to feel good.

During this time in our Earth's history, there have never been so many people on a search for answers and desiring to understand themselves and their fellow humans who inhabit this Big Blue Tumbling Ball.

Old beliefs are being blown out of the water as more and more of them are proven incorrect and untrue.  Whoa!  These beliefs that have been ingrained in us are now obviously obsolete.  For those who have never taken the time to contemplate life, well, the time is now upon you.  For all those who have, you will be experiencing huge shifts in your life.  Each belief is challenged and we are made to be consciously aware of our responsibility to choose correctly, accept and flow with change.

For the past 16 solid years, I have been on my total focus of Self Discovery to find out ‘who’ I am, and just ‘who’ is the real me.  The 12 years prior were spent exploring the New Age Movement and being dazzled and dazed by fancy tricks, important sounding words, and always by the New Age Hierarchy of people who we all thought were ‘so advanced’ and ‘Enlightened’.  The dated ‘Guru’ concept.  The concept where we give our power away and over to someone or something outside of ourselves.  Yes, I did find some aspects very interesting, and some more than others drew my attention.  But as I grew within myself, around me the cracks were beginning to show, and I could then see quite clearly that all these people were, in reality, very miserable and unfulfilled.  They denied and suppressed it underneath their ‘happy face’ and with lots of talk, talk, talking about this great idea called God, Spirituality and Life.  Their teachings were empty.  They had not experienced what it was that they were preaching about.  

Towards the end, I saw some pretty crazy and desperate people.  After all these years they found themselves still with nothing, no wild dreams come true and STILL with this ache in their hearts.  This ache is a hole.  In this hole is where our connection to our God should be.  I began to see a lot of ANGRY so-called ‘Godly’ people.  So, I bailed out.  This way was obviously NOT working.

So I began my own Journey - A Journey with a 
whole new perspective.

A Journey that was being guided by the Inside of me, and not by someone or something outside of myself.  So I began to document my Journey.  I did this for many reasons.  It was my way of expressing my feelings.  I also wanted to chart my process because no one I had heard of has ever done it quite this way before.  To document and chart my experiences, feelings, revelations, inspirations and ultimately a documentation of an extremely Unique Process.

Over a period of time I was discovering that this process was actually working!

I was actually changing!  So if something is working, then continue.  So I would continue following the bouncing ball.

Over time, my connection to my Truth grew stronger and clearer.  My writings of the lessons became fluent as I would describe the realizations and rewards I received AFTER each major inner battle I fought and won.  But I fought it.  I understood it.  I conquered it.  Then I’d wait for the next level and a deeper layer of the lesson to reveal itself.  I’d clear that one, understand and then integrate it.  And as the process continued, so my documenting continued.  All the while suffering a lingering doubt that maybe I’d taken the wrong path?  I had not passed another living soul on the trail since I began. . .  Fear seeps in.  Maybe it was NOT my Creator who has been guiding me and talking to me?  Maybe it was some dark evil energy that had tricked me into wasting SO many years of my young life, and THIS was what I have been following?  I held on harder to the Trust I had in my discoveries of the Truth, no matter how bizarre they seemed to me at the time.  This battle of doubt and disbelief raged continually, exhaustingly and for many years.  Then I Became it.  It was now my experience.

I now understood.  My fears dissipated rapidly.  We only fear what we don’t understand.  Ironically the word Enlightenment means, “to understand”.  With great relief I found that I had been on the correct path to Enlightenment all along.  Phew!

So my documentation suddenly became all very important now.  These were now instructions and directions.  I realized that now anyone could take the Journey if there were directions.  And that if someone like me could discover this Journey and discipline myself to do it, then ANYONE CAN.  It’s not rocket science.  It just takes a LOT of effort, and most are not willing to do what it takes.  If I could do this myself WITHOUT the map of what was coming next and also how to deal with it when it came, imagine what another might achieve WITH a Guide, WITH a map?  If I could write that Guide and be the map for another courageous traveller, then this would most certainly speed up the process incredibly.  This would mean that more and more people would faster and faster reach Enlightenment quicker than ever before.  The more Aware and Enlightened people means a more Aware and Evolved society, creating a more Beautiful world to live in.

I am living proof that this new perspective and this Journey actually work. Please note that I am not implying that I now ‘know it all’ and that I have nothing more to learn.  I am saying that this ‘works’ because I experience the changes and the growth that come as a result (reward) of my efforts put into the application of it.  And this by the way, is what we do for the rest of our lives.  Always desiring to be the best person we can be.  We just get better at it.  What you put in, you will get back.

With having so many people now turning to search with the desperate need for answers, I felt it time that I share the findings of my discoveries.  I want to tell everyone that there IS another option, another perspective that if applied will eventually make you whole.

There IS a WAY OUT.  “The Way Out Book’ was gathered from vast amounts of documentation all containing essential points of ‘understanding’.  My mind boggled.  I needed help selecting ‘what’ points were to be the foundations and therefore the first points to be shared.  A friend of mine Peter (a psychologist) offered to have a read through and place the pieces in an order of flow that he felt helped the reader to best grasp and absorb this new perspective.  For this I am truly Thankful!        

The content of this first book “The Way Out Book” is more like an overview, an orientation of the landscape of this new perspective.  (It’s not a ‘new’ perspective by the way.  It’s more a guide to the application of it in our lives.)  I have drawn the sketch of it, pulling forward key aspects to contemplate on.  Nothing more.  Each aspect contains incredible layers and levels of understandings.  It’s Fascinating!  But the experience is only possible by the application of them.  So, I am in the process of writing Book 2.  After having shown you the sketch here in this book, then Book 2 is where I will give you all the colours with which to paint it.  The ‘whole’ picture.  Book 2 will fill in the gaps.  We can only paint the picture if we are given all the colours with which to paint it.  Book 2 is something to look forward to!

I have chosen to GIVE “The Way Out Book” away, in the hope that as many people as possible have the opportunity to become aware of this new perspective, so that they may find it holds with-in it all the answers to all of their searchings.

I now invite you to read my book, to view your world from this new perspective.

Remember that if it doesn’t work for you, you can always go back to your old one.  If you find that this Journey is too hard, put more effort in, stretch yourself!  Give it your best shot.  You will be surprised at the Magic that awaits you.  You will be even more surprised that it was not as hard as you thought it was going to be. 

I encourage you to explore.  I encourage you to begin.  All of your answers could lie here-in.

- Brenda Joy Nimwegen.

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